NOVEMBER 19, 2015


The name “Dax” derives from a word of French origin meaning “leader.” Though fairly unusual, this moniker is probably best known from the show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, on which Jadzia Dax serves as the space station’s chief science officer. Though she appears to be an attractive young woman, Jadzia—who holds degrees Exobiology, Zoology, Astrophysics, and Exoarchaeology—actually lives in symbiosis with a wise old creature named Dax from the planet Trill. As such Jadzia Dax is a synthesis of two beings.

The name “Daks” is a graffiti alias, short for “Destroying All Kinds of Shit.” Created by ATL boss Dax Rudnak, the tag has been spotted across the United States of America, since Daks is a member of the infamous Network Crew, an interstate alliance of writers not satisfied with local fame—and who wanted to know about all the best can controllers doing their thing from coast to coast. But Dax is, of course, an Atlanta king, respected from the strip clubs to the traps and everywhere in between. An honorary member of the Dungeon Family, his exploits with OutKast and Goodie Mob are the stuff of legend. These days, he’s focusing on his art full time but back in the day he was a doctor of multiple degrees. As such, Dax/Daks is a synthesis of at least three ATLien beings.

Daks/Dax first met up with fellow writers Stren and Sire (R.I.P.) in McLean Virginia around 1994. He accompanied them on “psychotic missions to Philly and throughout D.C., New York City.” As a result, Dax bore witness to the genesis of the first issue of their new magazine, a thing called Mass Appeal. “Somewhere down the line Sacha Jenkins got involved,” Dax recalls, “and the shit took off.”

As Mass Appeal continued to evolve, the magazine would sometimes devote entire special issues to individual boroughs of NYC, drilling down to discover the unique aspects of graf culture in those specific zones. Taking a page from those playbooks, we rolled deep to Atlanta for Issue 57. Yesterday, we unveiled our music cover featuring the artist formerly known as Meathead, aka Future. Today, we proudly present the art cover, and if we say so ourselves, it’s a banger:


Diwang Valdez of Atlanta’s renowned Motion Family has been accompanying Dax on missions for some time now, as you can tell from his photography in this cover story. The accompanying interview, by our own Managing Editor, Devin Power-Bearden—under the sage guidance of Sacha Jenkins SHR—is filled with revelations about Atlanta’s music, art, and street life, about Dax, and about what makes him do (and keep on doing) all the things he does. But, don’t take my word for it—you can read our cover story right now, and while you’re at it, subscribe to make sure you get Mass Appeal#57 as soon as it ships.

By the way, if anybody asks how that freight train car got that fresh new paint job, just remember: #ItNeverHappened.