july 16, 2012

Portfolio Review: Photographer Van Styles Shares His Favorite Works


Van Styles is an awesome photographer based in Los Angeles, who shoots the scene he comes from — skateboarding. Adventures on Fairfax Boulevard and in downtown Los Angeles found him shooting for brands like LRG, in addition to a ton of hot tattooed chicks. See what he has to say about his favorite photographs.

Portfolio Review: Photographer Van Styles Shares His Favorite Works


"This is a portrait of my buddy, Mike Franklin. He is the definition of life, and I feel like you can see it in his eyes here."


"This was taken at the Paid Dues show this year. After the last set was done, I noticed this couple not caring about anything except each other. It was a real life moment."


"The Fairfax and Rosewood area is really popular in L.A. While walking around one day, I noticed this game of s.k.a.t.e. going on and felt it would make a great shot."


"This was taken when I shot for the LRG summer lookbook, as well as 2 ads. This was one of the final shots of the day, and Adam from the Workaholics decided to end it with this pool jump."


"This shot was taken about 2 years ago on Fairfax. A younger Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt were cruising around."


"This was taken in South Beach Miami last year. I love these ally ways between Washington and Collins. I feel like you can get lost in this photo."


"This is a double exposure shot with Kristina Rose. This reminds me of the beautiful accidents that can happen when shooting with film. It was shot on a Pentax K1000."


"This is a recent one I did with Abella Anderson in Miami for Foot Soldiers. I love the colors. Being a bit of a sneakerhead, a hot girl in Jordans doesn't hurt."


"This was from a photo session I did with a web cam model named Tayte. I just love the contrast of all her tattoos and the light behind her."


"I don't do much landscape shots, but when I drove by these tracks, I had to pull over. This was down in Huntington Beach area — the right place at the right time."


"Jessie Andrews is one of my favorite people to shoot photos with. I feel like this photo is just really fun."


"Tony Karr is an up-and-coming skateboarder who is just raw. I happened to be at the Brooklyn Projects ramp on Memorial Day, and he was there. That wasn't even his board, and he was still killing it (with a cigarette in his mouth at that)."


"I like this photo for a lot of reasons, but mainly that I randomly snapped it from my car while driving around downtown Los Angeles."